Lumion 3d Material Libraryl


Lumion 3d Material Libraryl

Currently the Lumion Material Library is available only in the commercial version of the program but, there is no reason why its creators couldn’t release the content for free. This is something we have been asking them to consider since the beginning of the project. This is also something we plan to work on with the release of the source code of Lumion.

If you want to publish your own materials with your own license or use them in your own apps, that’s up to you. We still will ask you to consider attribution, since we do use some content from other people.

You can find more details about Lumion on their site. Lumion is a great tool to transform a Revit model into a photorealistic defense to your eyes. There is also more free content to be found on the website.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Revit expert and this is not professional advice! I am merely sharing some things I’ve done and found useful for Revit modeling. I hope this is at least somewhat helpful, but it is not a substitute for professional expertise.]


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