Japanese Graded Readers Level 0


Japanese Graded Readers Level 0

This series belongs to the starter level of Japanese Graded Readers. These books usually include fantasy stories, fairy tales, fables and folk tales, and are usually read by children between 7 and 10 years old. They are usually intended for students who have already acquired basic reading skills in Japanese. They are especially popular in Japan and can be found in most bookshops.

Chinese Graded Readers are graded reading books containing fictional Chinese stories, folk tales and non-fiction books, developed by the Language Development Research Center of Peking University, which cover Levels 0 to 6. This particular series pictured is actually 8 stories per volume, about 14 pages per story, but you are correct that each page only has between 1 and 3 sentences at Level 0. There are fewer stories/books per volume as the Level increases. They do also come with a CD, so I use them initially for listening practice before doing any reading.

These books are aimed at young readers between 6 and 9 years old. Their main emphasis is on simple, tonal and idiomatic Chinese, which helps the children to learn the basic phrase set and music for reading Chinese, which is a very important part of learning to read.

As a beginner and intermediate learner of Japanese and Henshinkan reader, I believe that the same strategy is necessary for achieving fluency. Similarly, we will read the same books as we read in English with a specific focus on how to read. Read Japanese to learn Japanese. Got it?

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