Brauniger IQ-BASIC-GPS Operation Manual Download LINK

Brauniger IQ-BASIC-GPS Operation Manual Download LINK

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Brauniger IQ-BASIC-GPS Operation Manual Download

Version 3.51 no longer supports the Galileo. All Galileo output is gone. We have instead detected the new Galileo of STK Satellites and used our own STK function to convert the IGC log. All tracks now being converted to the STK formatWith Manual M-number list updateyou can provide your own M-number list. Do not delete any M-number from the list and you have to use the correct M-number, i.e. the M-number you use with you GPS. If you enter the correct M-number the function will use a simplified IGC-format and also save the position and altitude to the file. There are also several other STK options such as individual points to be saved, waypoints etc. All these can be selected in the STK menu by pressing the menu-key. This STK read-out can then be copied into your normal filelist and output.

Version 3.51 supports the Galileo. Set the instrument to the flight analysis mode (Main setup menu ->Flightmenory -> Select flight and press Enter)before starting the track log download (shortcut Ctrl+E). The Galileo outputsthe log using the IGC format. This log can be stored unmodified by executing ‘File -> Write IGC log from GPS’. Uploadingwaypoints at full speed is not supported (by the Galileo?), a delay of 0.3 seconds is inserted between each waypoint.

The IQ Basic GPS is perfect for paraglider and hang glider pilots. The IQ-BASIC is perfect for pilots who only want a good Altimeter in the air. This is the compact GPS of the IQ-ONE/ONE+ series.

Version 3.46 used a new approach to provide the awesome Alti-Vario with a wide range of +/300 m/s. The software of the IQ-BASIC incorporates this possibility, so the instrument displays the Alti and Vario values with the change in altitude and speed.

Version 4.40Maximum speed (MAXSPD) for.igc and.kml file (correct one way).Maximum turn radius (MAXTC) for.igc file (correct one way).Support for.igc format (correct one way).ASCII to decimal value conversion for.igc and.kml file now works correctly.


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